Fun ’n Friendsy

By Helen R. Sattler

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    1. No-Care Aquarium

    You will need: two 9″ paper plates, a small amount of sand, two shades of green construction paper, 8″ square of clear sandwich wrap, glue, and scissors.

    Cut center out of one plate and glue clear sandwich wrap on inside. Cut a circle of green construction paper and glue it inside the other plate. Spread a light coat of glue over a 1″ strip at the bottom of the green circle. Sprinkle sand over the glue, let dry, and shake off excess sand.

    Draw several fish or cut out some pictures of fish from a magazine. Glue them above the sand on the green circle. Use a lighter shade of green for seaweed. A few wavy lines made with a dark green marking pen will make the water look as though it’s moving.

    Staple the plates together or sew them together with colored yarn so you can see the aquarium picture through the clear sandwich wrap.

    6. Crossword Puzzle

    Crossword Puzzle


    2. Busy little worker

    3. Walks on the ceiling

    4. ________ make honey

    5. A bug with a light

    6. An insect


    1. Black and yellow stinger

    4. Comes from a caterpillar

    7. Hopping bug

    8. Hard-shelled bug


    Across: (1) wasp, (4) butterfly, (7) grasshopper, (8) beetle. Down: (2) ant, (3) fly, (4) bees, (5) firefly, (6) bug.

    Animal Picture Puzzle

    Write the name of each pictured object on the spaces provided, and find the names of three animals by solving each puzzle.


    (1) skunk, (2) baboon, (3) opossum.

    Word Quiz

    Fill in the letter blanks in the words below and find the name of a very special person.

    __ine sh__ve gen__leman __andsome b__st wo__ker