Gifts for Father

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    Nature Card

    You can make your father or grandfather an attractive card by decorating it with pussy willows, evergreens, cattails, seeds, leaves, or flowers (see examples). Just use your imagination and glue, tape, or sew any of these items onto colored paper and fold it to make a card.

    Inside the card tell the receiver how much you love him, and how much you appreciate the many kind things he has done for you.

    Spool Toolholder

    To keep garden tools out of the way and in a safe place, securely fasten a 1″ thick board, at least 8′ long and 6″ wide, to the inside of the garage wall and parallel to the floor. Mark the position for thread spools on board, leaving enough room for each tool to hang with its handle down (see illustrations). Drill 1/4″ hole through board and attach spools with bolts, nuts, and washers.