I was blowing soap bubbles
One fine day—
Pink and gold and amethyst
And every shell-like hue—
The airiest, the fairiest,
The very I-don’t-care-iest
I ever, ever knew.
I was blowing soap bubbles
One fine day—
Rings and strings and clusters
That seemed magic, magnified—
Such shimmery and flossy ones,
Such glittery and glossy ones
That when I blew the biggest one
I blew myself inside!
I floated round the town and back,
And everywhere I went
Everything looked sunset-tinted,
Radiant, rainbow-gay!
But though I tried, I never quite
Blew another half so bright
And lovely as the one I blew
That one fine day,
That pink and gold and amethyst
Never-forgotten day.

[illustration] Illustrated by Julie Fuhriman