The Tree Farm

There’s a great big tree farm where different kinds of trees grow. When you unscramble all the letters you’ll see how many trees you know.

1. IRF



4. KAO


6. MEL




(1) fir, (2) pine, (3) maple, (4) oak, (5) sycamore, (6) elm, (7) birch, (8) palm.

Wind Chimes

You will need: seven clear, disposable plastic glasses, hammer, foil, cookie sheet, 1/4″ dowel 12″ long or strong stick, clear fishing line, and scissors.

Turn all the glasses but one upside down and tap each one gently on the bottom with a hammer to form cracks. Them place them, top side down, on foil-covered cookie sheet, making sure they are several inches apart. Put glasses into oven at 350º for several minutes and they will collapse, forming a ring. After removing cookie sheet let the rings cool. Hang the rings from dowel with fishing line making sure they are hung close enough together to touch each other (see illustration). Attach cup that was not cracked above dowel for decoration.

Sandwich Fun

To have some lunchtime fun you will need two slices of white bread, a sterile paintbrush, several cups filled with a few tablespoons of milk, and food coloring.

First, add a drop of food coloring in each cup of milk and you’re ready to paint any design you like on one side of each piece of bread. Then lightly toast the bread and make your favorite kind of sandwich.

Paint with Soapsuds

Colorful pictures can be made by painting with soapsuds. You will need: 1/2 cup dry detergent or a capful of liquid detergent, 2 tablespoons liquid starch, paper, poster paints or food coloring, eggbeater, mixing bowl, newspaper, and spoon.

Put detergent and liquid starch in mixing bowl and beat mixture with eggbeater until thick. This should make enough soapsuds for three for four pictures.

For different-colored soapsuds, separate mixture into several bowls and add a few drops of food coloring to each bowl.

Before you begin painting, lay you paper on the newspaper and decide what you want your picture to be. Then dip your fingers into the soapsuds and paint with your fingers.

If suds become too thick, drop a little more liquid starch into mixture and beat with spoon.

After your picture is finished, lay it on a clean newspaper to dry.