Can you tell in what direction these arrows are pointing?



(1) northwest, (2) north, (3) southwest, (4) west, (5) northeast, (6) east.

Watch Your Heartbeat

Bend a paper clip as shown, and slip a soda straw over the upright end. Now locate your pulsebeat with your other hand and tape the paper clip to that place on your wrist in the position shown.

Sit down and rest your arm on a table, holding it as steady as possible. If you have taped the paper clip in the right place, the straw will move back and forth regularly about once every second. Use a clock to count your heartbeat.

Each time your heart pumps blood out into the arteries and blood vessels in your body, the walls of the arteries stretch. Most arteries are down deep inside, but in your wrist there is one so close to the surface that its stretching makes your skin move in and out slightly every time your heart beats. This is called your pulse.

The straw taped onto your wrist is long enough so that a very slight tilting motion of the paper clip causes the top end of the straw to move. This makes it possible for you to see your heartbeat.


1. What does a child spend much time making yet can never see when made?

2. What should a man know before trying to teach tricks to a dog?

3. What did the letter say to the stamp?

4. Why is your hand like a hardware store?


(1) Noise, (2) More than the dog, (3) “Stick to me and we’ll go places!”, (4) Because it carries nails.

Word Diamond

Read the clues and fill in the blank spaces to make a word-diamond shape. (The two words that cross in the middle are the same.)

1. Fourth letter in the word, world




2. Fifth month of the year






3. At some future time






4. Used to catch fish






5. Second consonant in the word, crisp





l, May, later, net, r.

Fair Fill-in Puzzle

See if you can fit all these things you’ll see at the fair into their proper places on the side of the midway tent:

Fair Fill-in Puzzle













Sock Puppet

You will need: clean old sock, crayons, cardboard, glue, scissors, 2 buttons, and needle and thread.

Cut slit in toe of sock as illustrated. now cut cardboard into shape like pattern and fold as shown. Glue mouthpiece to slit in sock.

Sew two buttons on sock for eyes. Cut ear shapes out of cardboard and glue in place.

Put your hand inside sock so your thumb is under the bottom of the mouth and your fingers on top. Now your puppet is ready to talk!

Living Basket

It’s fun and easy to make a decorative hanging basket of greenery out of a carrot.

Just cut 2″ long section from top of a large unscraped carrot, and break off any leaves growing out of its top.

Turn carrot upside down and scoop out the middle with a potato peeler to hold water for carrot.

Thread a heavy sewing needle with strong thread, double it, tie a big knot at the end. Push the needle through side of carrot 1/2″ down from lip of hole. Attach two other threads equal distances apart. Draw threads together and knot them at top.

Keep carrot “bowl” filled with water and hang it in a sunny window. In a short time, leaves will begin to grow from bottom of carrot. After leaves have been growing awhile, they will curl upward toward cut part of carrot. This will make a lovely plant to hang in a sunny window.

Pots and Pans

Pots and pans appear within
So many words we see.
Fill in the missing letters
And find what they will be.

1. vegetable

pot __ __ __

2. smudge

__ pot

3. dishware

pot __ __ __ __

4. capability

pot __ __ __ __ __ __

5. bright light

__ pot __ __ __ __ __

6. powerful

pot __ __ __

7. overpowering fright

pan __ __

8. extend across

__ pan

9. trousers

pan __ __

10. window glass

pan __

11. to punish

__ pan __

12. food closet

pan __ __ __


(1) potato, (2) spot, (3) pottery, (4) potential, (5) spotlight, (6) potent, (7) panic, (8) span, (9) pans, (10) pane, (11) spank, (12) pantry.