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Oct. 1975

FallMilo Mills 
OctoberSolveig Paulson Russell 
Friend to FriendJoleen Meredith 
Abraham’s Sacrifice 
Thoughts on Obedience 
Danger in the ParkMary Joyce Capps 
When He ComesMirla Greenwood Thayne 

Fun ’n Friendsy

Colt to Calf
Ann Stacey 

Fun ’n Friendsy

Book of Mormon Names Puzzle
E. Mauray Payne 
Friends in Denmark 
Why the Sea Is SaltySolveig Paulson Russell 
Chadwick Meets a GhostHelen Kronberg 
A Near DisasterSherrie Johnson 
Meals for Young CooksWinnifred and Ann Jardine 
Autumn Project