Big Brother Cowboy

By Vicki H. Budge

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    Sunshine was coming through the windows at Jonnie’s house, and everyone was still sleeping, except Jonnie.

    Mother opened her eyes as Jonnie bounced into the bedroom.

    “Hi, Mom,” he said happily. “I bet you can’t guess what I am.”

    “Hi, Jonnie,” Mom answered as she rubbed her eyes.

    Jonnie climbed over Mom and put his face in front of Dad’s.

    “Hi, Dad,” he grinned.

    “Hi, Jonnie,” Dad mumbled. Then he rolled his sleepy face to the other side.

    Jonnie climbed over Dad’s back. “I bet you can’t guess what I am,” he said as he bounced up and down on his hands and knees.

    Dad decided to give up trying to sleep. He opened his eyes. “You must be a tickle, tickle, tiddlemouse,” he said as he tried to tickle Jonnie.

    Jonnie wiggled away and climbed back on the other side of the bed by Mom.

    “Can you guess what I am?” he asked. Mom grabbed him and tried to kiss his cheek. Jonnie wiggled away from Mom too.

    “Now I know what you are. You’re a wiggle, wiggle, wiggle worm,” Mom guessed.

    “No, I’m not a wiggle, wiggle, wiggle worm,” declared Jonnie, bouncing some more.

    Daddy rolled his head back toward them and said, “You must be a jump, jump kangaroo.”

    “No, I’m not a jump, jump kangaroo,” said Jonnie and he laughed because no one could guess.

    Mom leaned her head way over by Dad’s. “I think he’s a bouncing bunny rabbit,” she whispered.

    “I heard you! I heard you,” Jonnie shouted as he jumped up and down. “I’m not a bouncing bunny rabbit.”

    “I give up,” said Dad. “I can’t guess what you are.”

    “I give up too,” added Mom. “What are you?”

    Jonnie stood up tall on their bed. “I’m a big cowboy,” he said in a deep voice. “And I’m riding my horse.” Then he galloped away to the other room.

    Illustrated by Judith Clarke