You will need: pocketknife, strong stick approximately 1′ long and 3/4″ in diameter, 1 yard soft heavy string, and 6 rings large enough to fit easily over the stick.

1. Buy rings from store or make from bone or cut from neck of dried gourds.

2. Whittle one end of stick so that it is smooth and tapered but not too sharply pointed.

3. Tie one end of string to handle end of stick. Cut groove in handle if string slips. Thread all but one ring onto string, and tie remaining ring to end of string to keep other rings from becoming separated.

4. Hold stick by handle and swing rings up, trying to catch as many as possible on the tapered end of the stick.

Nutshell Boat

You will need: empty half walnut shell, candle wax, small straight stick, paper or leaf for sail, and scissors.

1. Soften wax and press into shell.

2. Cut paper into desired shape for sail.

3. Poke stick through paper and press end of stick into softened wax.


You will need: 2″ button with 2 holes and 2 pieces of string each 2′ long.

1. Thread each piece of string through separate hole in button and knot string pieces together as illustrated.

2. Slip knot end over middle finger of each hand, and wind humdinger up by twirling disk until cord is tightly wound. Spin by alternately spreading hands apart and then bringing them close together. Button or wooden disk must be at least 2″ in diameter.