Groundhog Day

Grumpy Groundhog Gristletoe
Lay snug beneath the ground
When suddenly his slumber
Was troubled by a sound.
One eyebrow tweaked, one eyelid twitched,
He muttered, “What is that?”
Then drowsily he blinked and yawned
And up in bed he sat.
KERPLINK! KERPLUNK! “That sound again.
Whatever can it be?
Although I hate to stir myself
I’d best get up and see.”
So Grumpy Groundhog Gristletoe
Climbed slowly from his bed.
When he stood up suddenly,
Two drops splashed on his head.
“Ach me! The roof is leaking!
Dunderhead! Kershpoof!
Now I’ll have to leave my nest
And go plug up the roof.”
Then Grumpy Groundhog Gristletoe
Climbed up his winding stair
And pushed aside his heavy door
And looked out everywhere.
“Ach me! The snow is melting,
But the skies still are gray.
Can it really be so early
That springtime’s on its way?”
Grumpy Groundhog Gristletoe
Stepped out and turned around
But though he tried he couldn’t see
His shadow on the ground.
So Grumpy knew by groundhog law
There’d be less time in bed,
And that the joys of coming spring
Would fill his time instead.

[illustration] Illustrated by Jerry Harston