Essay of School Rules

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    From Project 1776 A Manual For The Bicentennial, Bicentennial Commission of Pennsylvania

    Read and agreed to at a meeting of the School Committee the First Day of the ninth month: 1798

    1st Mind to have your Hands and faces washed and Heads Combed every morning before you come to school and be careful to be there by the time appointed.

    2nd Come into School quietly and Soberly and when there be Quiet and still at your proper business; and mind the instructions of the Teacher, move not from seat to seat, or go out unnecessarily, and but one at a time.

    3rd Do not scribble in your own, or one anothers Speling, reading, writing or Cyphering Books; nor use one anothers pens &c without leave.

    4th In coming to or going from School, behave with decency and sobriety, not differing with or purposely hurting or offending each other; mock not nor insult any person, neither stop on the road to play, nor make a great and unbecoming noise.

    5th Tell no untruths, or miscall one another, nor use the corrupt or unscriptural Language of you to a single person; also be Careful to Call the months and days of the week by their proper names as 1st 2nd 3rd &c and date your Books accordingly.

    6th Let none make bargains, Sell, swop, or exchange on any account at school.

    7th Let there be no Quarrels, fighting or chalanging to fight, no wrestleing or wilfully provoking one another to anger in or out of school, no throwing dirt, sticks, stones or snowballs.

    8th and Lastly let these rules be observed by all, and if any wilfully trample and despise the good order of the school, after being cooly admonished without manifest signs of amendment with the approbation of two or more of the Committee they are to be discharged.

    Artifacts Courtesy LDS Church Historical Department