A Special Friends Party

By Vicki H. Budge

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    As Marcia finished making the last invitation she said “There now, this party’s going to be lots of fun. It’s always good to be with special friends.”

    The first two invitations were easy for Marcia to deliver. They went to Lora and Barbara who lived just down the street. Lora lived in a big white house.

    “Hi, Marcia,” she said happily, opening the door. “I’m making cookies. Come in and help me.”

    “Thank you, Lora,” replied Marcia, “but I can’t today. I came to bring you an invitation to a party.”

    Lora’s eyes sparkled as she read the invitation. “Who are your special friends?” she asked.

    “That’s a secret,” replied Marcia. “You’ll have to come to the party and find out.” She smiled and waved good-bye to Lora, then ran down the steps on her way to Barbara’s home.

    “Hello, Marcia,” Barbara’s mother said as she opened the door. “Come in. Barbara’s out in back playing with the kittens.”

    Marcia went through the kitchen to the back door “Hi, Barbara,” she called. “I have something for you!” A small gray kitten brushed against Marcia’s leg and she stooped down to cuddle it while Barbara opened her invitation.

    “This sounds like fun,” Barbara said. “Who are your special friends, anyway?”

    “Come to my party and you’ll find out,” Marcia said with a smile. This party is beginning to be fun already, she thought.

    Marcia’s mother took her in the car to deliver the rest of the invitations. First they went to see Mary, who lived on the other side of Marcia’s school.

    Marcia and Mary were not in the same class at school but they were good friends.

    “Hi, Mary,” Marcia said when her friend opened the front door. “Will you come to a party at my house?”

    “I’d love to,” Mary answered, her eyes shining in anticipation.

    Mary’s mother came into the room and thanked Marcia and her mother for bringing the invitation. “Who are your special friends, Marcia?” she asked.

    “That’s a secret,” Marcia answered with a smile. “Mary will find out at the party.”

    Marcia’s cousin Susan lived on the other side of town. Susan was younger than Marcia but the girls always had fun when their families got together. Susan was delighted with her invitation. “Will all of your special friends be there?” she asked.

    “Most of them,” answered Marcia.

    The last invitation was for Connie. Connie didn’t go to the same school as Marcia, but they usually saw each other at Sunday School and sacrament meetings.

    “A special friends party,” Connie repeated after she read her invitation. “This sounds like fun, Marcia. I can’t wait till Saturday.”

    “You’ll have to, though,” laughed Marcia. “I’ll see you then.”

    As Marcia and her mother drove back home, Marcia said excitedly, “I don’t know if I can wait until Saturday, either.”

    Mary was the first one to ring the doorbell on Saturday afternoon for the party. Soon the other girls arrived and after she introduced them to each other, Marcia said, “I’m so glad you’re all here. At our last family home evening Dad explained that every friend is special in some way, so I decided to have a special friends party. I just wanted to say thanks to all of you for being my friends.”

    Illustrated by Claudia Heaston