When we treat others kindly and display good manners, everyone is happier. This puzzle is about proper and courteous behavior.

Mind Your Manners

Illustrated by Kathy Pitt


4. Men and boys should _____ their seats to women who are standing on a bus or subway.

5. When two of your friends meet each other for the first time, you should _____ them.

7. A person who has good manners is considered to be_____.

10. A gesture showing friendship and trust.

11. A willing and cooperative person is _____.

14. Rendering aid and assistance is the same as giving _____.

16. Honoring or showing special regard for others.

17. The best way to treat others.


1. When you must step in front of someone you say, “_____ me.”

2. A pleasing or agreeable facial expression.

3. An important word when asking for something.

6. Common _____ is expected of those who are thoughtful of others.

8. When you receive something, appreciation is expressed by saying, “_____ you.”

9. If you are with your friend and are eating a treat, what is the polite thing to do?

12. This kind of person gives freely to others.

13. A sociable, amiable type of person is _____.

15. A feeling of gratitude.


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  • Across—(4) offer, (5) introduce, (7) polite, (10) handshake, (11) helpful, (14) service, (16) respect, (17) kindly. Down—(1) pardon, (2) smile, (3) please, (6) courtesy, (8) Thank, (9) share, (12) unselfish, (13) friendly, (15) appreciation.