Do you remember what you or your family were doing and thinking a year or perhaps five years ago? What did your home and family look like? Who was president of the Church and leader of your nation? What were your interests and accomplishments?

Unless members of your family have very good memories, some of these interesting remembrances will be lost in forgetfulness. To make sure your family history is not forgotten, it needs to be gathered and recorded. All this is history. And a different way to preserve such history is in a time capsule.

Suggest to your parents this “Time Capsule” activity for a family home evening project. Have each one discuss what important events have happened this past year. Family members could be assigned different topics to record. If mementos need to be gathered and organized, another member could be assigned to this part of the project. Also, have each member write a paragraph about himself and one about every other member of the family. Include a recent group photo and one of your home and neighborhood. Everyone could contribute one important memento.

Place the gathered material in a wooden box or metal container lined with plastic so moisture will not damage the treasures. Your time capsule could be stored somewhere in a safe place to be opened at some future date.