When I was eight years old our family moved to Salt Lake City from California. We lived on a new street where there were just a few houses. The Hathaway family, who had children near my age, lived in the house nearest to us.

One day the Hathaway children invited me to go to Primary with them, and Mother said I could.

Mrs. Hathaway wanted to ask Mother the “golden questions.” She decided to fast and pray and ask the Lord to help her know the right words to say to Mother. But when she came over to our house, the words just wouldn’t come out, and she went home very disappointed.

Nevertheless the Spirit began to work on Mother and a day or two later she asked Mrs. Hathaway what I was learning in Primary. Afterward she said she would like to know more about the Mormon Church. Mrs. Hathaway was happy to answer all of Mother’s questions and asked if our family would listen to the missionary lessons.

After listening to the missionaries, Mother and I were soon baptized. But the gospel was still very puzzling to my father, and he was not baptized. However, in the months to come, Father began to notice a change in Mother. One day he said to her, “How come you’re so kind and happy and so good to me lately?”

Mother answered, “Because I have the gospel. If you want that feeling you can have it too.” And several months after that my father was also baptized.

We lived in Salt Lake City only two years. Afterward, we moved many times to different places. It never makes us sad to move; in fact, we love it. We know wherever we are we will have the Church, many good friends, and a love of the gospel.

Illustrated by Sherry Thompson