April Fools’ Day Quiz

What do you know about April Fools’ Day? Answer each statement either true or false.

1. April Fools’ Day is always on the first day of April.

2. This holiday has been celebrated for almost 100 years.

3. It began in honor of a French king who was very foolish and whose birthday was April 1.

4. The United States is the only country that celebrates April Fools’ Day.


(1) true, (2) false—it began mor than 400 years ago, (3) false—the holiday began in France in 1564 when the new calendar was adopted. Under the old calendar the new year began with the coming of spring on March 21. Its celebration lasted until April 1. When New Year’s Day was changed to January 1, many people protested and still celebrated on April 1. These people became known as April fools. Some of their friends started sending them mock gifts and fooling them with make-believe celebrations. (4) false—it is celebrated in many countries, including England, Scotland, Spain, Japan, and France. In Scotland you might be called an April gowk, or in France an April fish.

Vegetable Anagrams

An anagram consists of the rearranged letters of a word to form a new word or expression. Can you identify the vegetables contained in the following anagrams?

1. Top a to

2. rot car

3. too mat

4. cute let

5. oh are tick

6. beg a cab

7. i noon

8. i are full cow


(1) potato, (2) carrot, (3) tomato, (4) lettuce, (5) artichoke, (6) cabbage, (7) onion, (8) cauliflower.