Oh, What Do You Do in the Summertime …

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    When all the world is green?

    Here are some friends involved in summer activities. Are any of these pictures reminders of something you might do?

    “Oh, what do you do in the summertime?” (See Sing With Me, G-23)

    Photos by Lonnie Lonczyna, Eldon Linschoten, and Dick Brown

    Rock figures by Karen Sharp, blocks by Lynda Banks

    1. Billy, Sue Ann, Maria, and Steven buy a treat at a popcorn stand.

    2. Sometimes it’s fun just to sit with friends in your backyard as Debbie is doing.

    3. Picking beans on the welfare farm is fun for Debbie, Lauri, and Amy.

    4. Some hungry ducks are glad to see Curt.

    5. Have you ever been in a parade?

    6. Kristen, Angela, and Jon enjoy the play animals at Lion Safari, California.

    7. Have you ever gone swimming in your T-shirt and cut-offs? Clint and Jim think it’s great!

    8. Matthew and Aaron think their own neighborhood parade is neat.

    9. Jim and Clint are fishermen.

    10. Maria, Sue Ann, Steven, and Billy pan for real gold at Knotts Berry Farm, California.

    11. Mark and Lauri build a bridge while Amy inspects their work.

    12. Summer’s a perfect time for Chris to go skateboarding.

    13. Like Errin, maybe you spend some time with a Friend.