When Jesus Was on Earth

Words and Music by Jeanne P. Lawler

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    1. When Jesus was on earth,

    He promised He would send

    The Holy Ghost to guide us all,

    Our true, eternal Friend.

    The Holy Ghost is called the

    Holy Spirit too.

    And Jesus called Him “Comforter,”

    He helps both me and you.

    2. About the Holy Ghost,

    One thing is plain and clear,

    If I live righteously each day,

    He always will be near.

    And so when I am baptized,

    Later on confirmed,

    The Holy Ghost is given me—

    A gift I’ve yet to earn.

    3. The Holy Ghost will prompt me,

    Teach me what to do,

    So I can live with Christ again

    And Heav’nly Father too.

    Some day I’ll see the Father,

    Some day see His Son,

    Perhaps I’ll see the Holy Ghost,

    And thank Them one by one.

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