Are you a careful person? See how many true or false statements you can score correctly on this safety quiz.

__ 1. You should plan to arrive at school with at least five minutes to spare.

__ 2. The best route to school is the shortest one.

__ 3. It is unwise to accept rides from strangers.

__ 4. In bad weather or when it’s dark, you should wear something white or bright colored.

__ 5. Talk as loudly as you want when on the school bus.

__ 6. While riding the school bus, students are responsible to the bus driver.

__ 7. When riding a bike with others, ride single file and in the same direction as the traffic.

__ 8. The shapes of road signs have different meanings.

__ 9. When crossing the street one place is as good as any other.

__ 10. If you ride on a school bus, safety is your responsibility too.

__ 11. It isn’t necessary to walk you bike across busy intersections.

__ 12. It isn’t wise to use the handrail when getting off the school bus.

__ 13. Safety patrol guards can help you across the street safely.

__ 14. Courtesy doesn’t really matter when getting on the school bus.

__ 15. Students must not extend their arms, hands, or heads through bus windows.

__ 16. When there is no sidewalk, it doesn’t matter which side of the road you walk on.

__ 17. Drivers can’t see as well in bad weather.

__ 18. You should wait in a pedestrian crosswalk until a car passes since it has the right of way.

__ 19. A green light facing you when you cross an intersection means that it is safe to walk.

__ 20. In an emergency, stay in your seat until you’re told what to do.

__ 21. A bus should come to a complete stop before you get on or off.

__ 22. It’s all right to run across the street without looking either way.


Illustrated by Doug Roy

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  • (1) T, (2) F, (3) T, (4) T, (5) F, (6) T, (7) T, (8) T, (9) F, (10) T, (11) F, (12) F, (13) T, (14) F, (15) T, (16) F, (17) T, (18) F, (19) T, (20) T, (21) T, (22) F.