Golf Club Cover

You will need: 3 1/2 yards white rug yarn, 20 yards black rug yarn, 24 inches white yarn for one tie, oatmeal box, needle with large eye.

1. Cut 31 slits 1/2″ apart around open end of box.

2. Start at any slit and fasten end of white yarn.

3. Wrap white yarn down one side, across closed end of box, and up other side to slit opposite starting slit.

4. Do not carry yarn across open end. Bring it around edge of open end and pull it through next slit (see illustration). Continue wrapping box until you have thirty threads.

5. Pull last yarn through last slit and down side to bottom of box. Bury it under crossed threads. If necessary, tie to hold in place and bury it when you finish weaving.

6. Start close to crossed yarns on bottom of box. Weave black yarn under 1 and over 2 around in circle.

7. Continue twill pattern over edge of box and 3″ up side.

8. Weave 24″ white yarn around box. Leave two long tails to be tied around club when cover is finished.

Note: This one-strand tie indicates number 1 wood. If you weave covers for other woods, use two, three, or four white strands for appropriate club.

9. Weave 4″ more the same as in step 7.

10. Cut white yarns between slits.

11. Knot every two white yarns together around box. Since you have one extra thread, knot last three together.

12. Remove cover from box and place over club. Pull white yarn to tighten around neck of club and tie in bow.

Storage Whatnot

To make a container for holding plants, pencils, scissors, or miscellaneous items, you will need: 6 yards gold bulky rug yarn, 6 yards red bulky rug yarn, empty salted peanut can (3 3/4″ high x 4″ in diameter) with lid, and large-eyed needle.

Remove both ends of can, saving plastic lid for later use. Hold one end of gold yarn and wind remainder around can vertically thirty-three times, spacing evenly. Knot ends together. Thread needle with red yarn to make double strand and, starting at either end of can, weave yarn in and out of gold yarn, alternating for sixteen rows (see illustration). Put plastic lid on one end and fill.

Storage Whatnot

Illustrated by Kathy Williams