Swinging Snowman

Color and cut out snowman. Punch holes for twine as shown. Bend paper up on dotted lines, down on dashed lines. Thread twine up through one side of swing seat, through one hand, down through the other, and through seat. Knot twine under seat.


Color and cut out both sections. Fold down along dashed lines, up on dotted lines. Cut a 3″ length of twine, fray ends, and glue to back of body for tail. Glue blanket section to back of donkey between dotted lines. Punch hole through back and slip a length of twine through for tree-hanging loop.


Color and cut out partridge and feet disk. Fold along dashed lines and glue bird’s bill together. Punch hole at dot for hanging cord. Punch holes (X’s) for brass fastener axle. Slip disk in place, insert paper fastener through holes, and bend flat.