A Nutty Boat

You will need: stiff paper, white paper, unbroken half of walnut shell, glue, and pencil.

With pencil, trace around walnut shell half on stiff paper. Cut out traced shape and draw lines on it with a pencil to resemble a boat deck’s wooden planks. Cut out small triangular piece of white paper for sail and fold bottom to form flap. Glue flap to center of deck. Glue deck to open edge of shell. Cut small triangle from stiff paper and glue to top of sail for boat’s flag. Now you’re ready to sail your boat in the “ocean.”

A Knotty Bracelet

If you can make a knot, you can make a knotty bracelet. You will need: 4 pieces of rug yarn 15″ long. Line them up so ends are even. Holding four pieces together, make a simple overhand knot on one end. Starting from first one, tie four more knots 1 1/2″ apart. Lay knotted yarn on table, forming a circle big enough to slip over you hand. Tie ends of bracelet together with a separate piece of yarn and cut off excess. Fluff out yarn between knots and you finished bracelet is ready to wear.

To Someone Special

Can you decode the following message?



H = V F = M C = E D = B G = Y K = L O = A P = N Q = T U = I


Be my valentine!