Eggshell Gift

Carefully break off small end of raw egg, empty contents, and set aside for scrambling. Wipe inside dry. Paint outside of shell with watercolors or egg dye. When dry, place dirt or potting soil inside shell and plant seedling. To make egg stand up, fold 3″ square of colored construction paper in half and cut small half circle out of fold so large end of egg will fit down inside opening. When seedling has grown fairly large, plant it eggshell and all!

Egg Candles

To make egg candle mold, make pinhole in each end of a raw egg. Then break yolk with toothpick, blow out contents, and set aside for scrambling. Enlarge hole in small end of shell to size of a fingertip. Have your mother or father melt a block of paraffin and a crayon over low heat; two crayons will make a bright-colored candle. Use empty egg carton to hold shell in place while you work. Stir wax and pour tiny bit into mold through enlarged hole. Let wax harden to seal small hole in bottom of shell. Pour in more wax until mold is full.

Make a wick by dipping a 3″ piece of string into melted wax. Lay it out straight on newspaper to harden. When wick is stiff and wax in mold is partially set, push wick into candle. After candle hardens, peel off shell. Use eggcup for holder or slightly flatten bottom of candle so it won’t tip.

Patchwork Eggs

Poke small holes in both ends of an egg with pin, break yolk with toothpick, blow out contents, and set aside for scrambling. Rinse inside of shell with water and let dry. Cut 1/2″ square pieces of fabric from three or four different prints or solids. Make mixture of four parts white glue and one part water. Dip fabric squares into mixture, one at a time, and cover entire egg with patchwork pattern. Let egg dry 24 hours, then glue on ribbon or rickrack trim. If you want to place a scene inside, cut off one end of egg with scissors after egg is dry. Place scene inside egg. A bottle cap or lid will make a good stand.

Lacy Eggs

Make pinhole in each end of raw egg and poke contents with toothpick to break yolk. Blow through one end to empty, and set aside contents for scrambling. Rinse shell with water, drain, and let dry. Color shell, using high-gloss acrylic or enamel paint or egg dye. Cut out sections of lace trim and carefully glue in place around shell.

Illustrated by Kathy Williams