Hear the Raindrops

Anna Johnson

William M. Foxley

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    1. Hear the raindrops on the roof

    Pitter-patter how they fall!

    See them splash along the walk.

    See them dance upon the wall!

    2. Trees enjoy a shower bath.

    Pansy faces all look up.

    Raindrops slide so merrily,

    Down into the flower cups.

    3. Hurry, scurry down the roof.

    Jumble, tumble, comes the rain.


    Drops rush down my window pane.

    Chorus: Pit-ter, pit-ter, pit-ter, pat,

    Splashing here and splashing there.

    Pit-ter, pit-ter, pit-ter, pat,

    Raindrops dancing ev’ry where!

    Music, Hear the Raindrops