If a gift of yourself is a gift of love, then Primary boys and girls have given a lot of love. Ever since the first Primary in 1878, Primary children have gladly given service to others.

In the early days of Primary, children planted gardens and donated beans that were grown to the bishops’ storehouse.

Primary girls sewed carpet pieces together to make rugs for the Salt Lake Temple.

The boys earned money to donate toward buying warp to weave the carpet pieces together.

During World War I Primary children made fracture pillows, pillowcases, and knit bed socks and afghans for wounded soldiers.

Many children planted war gardens to help with the food shortage.

During World War II, Primary children collected boxes of clothes, toys, and baby layettes to send to Saints in Europe who had been bombed and needed supplies.

To celebrate the centennial year of the pioneers arriving in the Salt Lake Valley, every Primary organization planted a tree on church grounds or in city parks or at other places where needed.

Funds for the building and maintenance of the Primary Children’s Hospital were collected from children who gave birthday pennies to help children get well. The hospital is no longer owned and operated by the Church, but boys and girls continue to help sick children.

Today they give generously to the Primary Birthday Pennies program so that children all over the world may still receive medical care.

In Primaries today there are many opportunities for boys and girls to learn the joy of giving and sharing. For example, the Merrie Miss class has a “Hi-lite To Do” list from which a girl may choose to have a giving experience.

Blazer Scouts have a Christmas good turn project where they make or do something special for someone in the ward.

There are many other opportunities in Primary to help children learn the joy of giving so that the scripture, … “Inasmuch as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me” (Matt. 25:40), means something to them.