Do you have an animal friend at your home? You may have a dog, cat, rabbit, bird, or even a skunk for a pet. The important thing to remember is that it is your responsibility to care for it. Answer the true/false questions below, and see if you know how to take care of pet.

1. A pet should always have fresh water.

2. Hamsters should be kept in bright sunlight.

3. Parakeets will never eat leafy vegetables.

4. A bird kept in a hot room will lose its feathers.

5. It doesn’t matter how many fish are in a tank.

6. Fish should only be fed once a day.

7. A pet’s home should be kept clean.

8. Never frighten an animal.

9. It is OK to let a dog roam.

10. Neither a dog nor a cat needs a shelter from hot and cold weather.

11. In most places dogs must have licenses.

12. A pet should be shown love.

13. It’s important to know what, how much, and when to feed a pet.

14. Dogs do not need to be washed and brushed.


Illustrated by Pat Hoggan

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