Sarah sniffed deeply. There was a wonderfully warm and sweet smell on the air. “Come on, Daisy,” she called to her dog. “Let’s go for a walk and find where it’s coming from!”

TRAMP-TRAMP, up a hill they walked.

CLIP-CLOP, down a hill they ran.

They came to a field of flowers. SNIFF-SNIFF went Sarah’s nose. “That’s not what we’re looking for, Daisy,” she declared. “But let’s take some flowers home to Mom anyway.” Sarah picked a handful of flowers. Then she and Daisy started off again on the dusty road.

TRAMP-TRAMP, up a hill they walked.

CLIP-CLOP, down a hill they ran.

They stopped and Sarah climbed on a fence, smelling the air, SNIFF-SNIFF.

“That’s not it. I only smell oats!” she told Daisy.

CLIP-CLOP! Across the field trotted a fine big horse. “Hi, Princess,” called Sarah. Princess walked over to the fence. She sniffed the flowers in Sarah’s hand and took a nibble, then another nibble. CRUNCH, MUNCH, she ate them all up!

Sarah and Daisy walked some more. Soon they were walking between rows of cornstalks. SNIFF-SNIFF, Sarah smelled the air. SNIFF-SNIFF, Daisy did too.

“That’s not it either,” said Sarah. “All I can smell is corn.”

SWOOSH! A little brown bunny streaked across the road and into the cornfield.

WHOOSH! Daisy ran after the bunny. “Come back! Come back!” called Sarah.

Daisy finally ran back to Sarah and together they walked along the winding road.

TRAMP-TRAMP, up a hill they walked.

CLIP-CLOP, down a hill they ran.

Now they were in the middle of Dad’s peach orchard. SNIFF-SNIFF, Sarah smelled the air. “That’s not it,” she told Daisy. “But these peaches smell delicious. Let’s pick some to take home with us.”

Sarah picked a ripe, juicy peach from a low branch, SNAP! She put the peach in her pocket. Then SNAP! SNAP! SNAP! She picked three more peaches.

“I can still smell something wonderful,” she said to Daisy. “But I’m getting tired. Let’s just walk over one more little hill.”

So up a hill they walked, TRAMP-TRAMP.

Sarah stopped and sniffed the air. “The wonderful smell is coming from someplace very close to here,” she told Daisy. They looked down the hill and saw their house. Down the hill they ran, CLIP-CLOP.

The smell was getting stronger and stronger. They stood outside the kitchen window. Mother was working inside.

CLINK! went the mixing bowls.

CLANK! went the oven door.

Sarah and Daisy walked into the kitchen. The whole room was filled with the warm, sweet smell.

“Mmmm!” said Sarah, “Cookies! The wonderful smell is from the cookies Mom is baking.”

And with a CRUNCH and MUNCH, they each ate one.

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney