This Is the Day!

By Solveig Paulson Russell

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    “Let the bands play!” shouted Willie.

    “This is the 4th of July!

    This is the time when sparklers spark

    And rockets shower the sky!

    This is the day for picnics

    When paraders have all gone by,

    The day for watermelon feasts,

    And ice cream, and apple pie!”

    “This is the day,” said Nellie,

    “For swimming and playing ball,

    For walking barefoot in daisies,

    And watching beetles crawl.

    This is the day for waving flags

    And for hot dog vendors to call,

    For getting out to the countryside

    Away from the city’s sprawl.”

    “This is the day,” said Mother,

    “For giving a helping hand,

    For carrying picnic baskets,

    And not scattering mud and sand.

    This is the day for family fun,

    For playing, for getting tanned,

    And a day for being thankful

    We live in this beautiful land!”

    Illustrated by Dick Brown