Oval-Shaped Rag Rug

Women once made braided rugs out of their worn-out clothing. You can too!

First, wash and dry materials to be used. Then cut or tear into 3″ wide strips, separate according to color or pattern, and decide on a rug design.

Take three strips of unequal length and sew them together at one end. Pin or tie sewed ends to something heavy so they can be pulled taut. Braid the strips firmly together, folding the torn or cut edges inside so they don’t show. As you near the end of a strip, pin the braid to keep it from unraveling while you sew on another length of cloth. Make sure seam is on the inside so it won’t show. Continue sewing strips together and braiding until you have five feet of braid.

To start the oval shape, measure off 14″ of braid from the starting end, and double the braid back on itself to make a tight loop. Thread a large needle with carpet thread and tie a knot. Sew or lace the two braids together along the inside edges of the braids. Continue making braids and stitching them together until the rug is as large as you wish. While working, occasionally lay the rug down on the floor or a table to make sure it lies flat. To finish, turn the ends under on the wrong side of the rug and sew them down one by one as flat as possible.

Pantyhose Chair Pad

Instead of old clothes, try using worn-out pantyhose for a braided chair pad.

Wash and dry 30 pairs of pantyhose. Cut off the feet and panty part. You will need 60 legs each 10″ long. Tie three ends together with brown carpet thread and then braid. When you come near the end, tie with thread and trim to within 1″ of the end of the strands. Repeat until you have 20 separate braids.

To connect braids together you will need a large needle and brown carpet thread. Thread needle and tie a knot at the end. Pull the thread through one end of the first braid until the knot is firm against it. Wrap the thread several times around the braid. Place another braid alongside the first one, work the needle back and forth between the two braids, and sew or lace them together.

When you have worked your way to the opposite ends of the braids, wind the thread around those ends a few times. Then sew a third braid to the second braid, and continue until you have sewn all braids together.