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February 1979

February Woods By Brierly Ashour
Friendship Is More Than a Word By Elizabeth Van Steenwyk
Friend to Friend From a personal interview by Joleen Meredith with the children of a .
Ootah and the Igloos By Ted Rockwell
Akiko and the Semi Cage By Pauline M. Horvath

Kitchen Krafts:

Kitchen Krafts: Wintertime Supper
Alfred Nobel—Man of Peace By John Hudson Tiner
February Calendar

Frontiers of Science:

Frontiers of Science: Dust Storms on Earth and Mars
By Dr. Sherwood B. Idso
Grandpa Ephram’s Flintlock By Ray Goldrup
Writing Letters Can Be Fun! By Ann Jardine


Let’s Look at a Penny
By June Swanson
Snow Wolf By Mary Joyce Capps
What Price Is Love? By Patricia L. Dombrink
My Friend By Mabel Jones Gabbott
Snow Valentine By Sandra Liatsos