Shower Caddy

To make a caddy to keep shower items handy, you’ll need plastic rope and three plastic detergent bottles of the same size.

Cut off the bottom 3″ of each bottle. Scallop the edge if you wish (see illustration). Make two holes in the sides of each bottle. Knot a piece of plastic rope and thread in and out of bottom bottle on one side. Leave about 5″ of space between bottles and make another knot; then thread through next bottle on one side. Repeat for last bottle (see illustration). With another piece of plastic rope, repeat threading process on other side of each bottle.

Knot both plastic ropes together about 5″ above top of top bottle. Make drain holes in bottom of each bottle. Loop caddy over shower head.

Back Massager

For a homemade back massager, you’ll need 12 wooden spools and a long piece of heavy cord.

Thread cord up one spool and down next (see illustration). When you have threaded through last spool, tie off a large loop of cord and then reverse direction of cord and thread down one spool and up next. Tie off at end, leaving another large loop.

To work massager, Dad slips his hand in one loop, throws massager across his back, and slips his other hand into other loop. By pulling loops back and forth, spools will roll across his back and ease tensed up back muscles.