Ball of String

By D. A. Woodliff

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    How can you change a dreary, dull day into a fun-filled one? Just find a ball of string! Here are five illustrated ideas you can try. Then use your imagination to discover some ideas of your own.


    Punch a small hole in the bottom of two empty, clean cans. Pull ends of a length of string through hole in each can. (Make the string long enough so that you can’t hear the caller’s voice without the cans and string.) Tie a knot inside each can so that ends of string won’t pull through the holes. With the string straight and taut—preferably outside where nothing will touch the string—have a friend talk into one can while you listen with the other can to your ear.

    Draw a String Picture

    Choose a large area for your picture. With string make an outline of a boat, an animal, a house, or anything you want. After you’ve admired your string drawing, wind the string into a ball and “draw” another picture.

    Have a Parade

    Tie your trucks, wagons, and pull toys behind your tricycle or bicycle. It’s fun to have a parade any day of the year!

    Fly a Kite

    Make a simple kite by folding down and taping the four corners of a sheet of paper. Cut a 14″ strip from a plastic bag for kite’s tail, and tie three knots spaced apart. Tape the tail to the kite. Near the top of the kite tape one end of the string. Now your kite is ready to fly behind you as you run.

    Decorate a Bush

    Christmas trees are decorated at Christmas but you can decorate a bush anytime. Carefully drape small bits of string or yarn over the branches of a bush. In the spring when birds are building their nests, watch them collect these string pieces for nesting material.

    Illustrated by Shauna Mooney