Halloween Fun

A wig can be made by cutting long slits up the sides of a paper sack. Cut a little higher in back than at front and sides (see illustration). Extend the center front slit to 1″ from top. Now take half of slit pieces on one side, divide them into three parts, and braid. Repeat on other side. At end of each braid tie ribbon bow.

A mask can be made easily from an empty cardboard cereal box. First cut top flaps from box, then slit four edges lengthwise to box bottom. Next turn box inside out. Draw face on one side of box and cut openings for eyes and nose. Now bend up side pieces as shown for ears. To make ears stick up, bend two pipe cleaners or bobby pins at right angles and tape one inside each ear. To secure mask on head make a hole at each lower corner of mask and attach string.

Bat Maze

Can you help the bat find its way out through the trees and back to the belfry?