Witching Encounter

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    When I was fishing in the ditch,
    I met a toad who was a witch.
    She said, “I’ll turn you green as cheese,
    With hair of seaweed, eyes like peas.
    Then I’ll add a spiky tail
    And keep you in a dinner pail!”
    I kept on fishing in the ditch
    And told that toad who was a witch,
    “No! I’ll turn YOU orange instead
    With a carrot nose and a pumpkin head
    And maybe not any feet at all
    So you can’t hop but only crawl.”
    “ABRACADABRA!” she chittered loudly.
    “ALACAZAM!” I chanted proudly.
    She slunk away with a sneaky snigger.
    I was a witch, too, and I was bigger!

    [illustration] Illustrated by Shauna Mooney