Aunt Jo and I have made a quilt;

It lies upon my bed.

The patchwork colors laugh at me—

The orange, blue, and red.

I cut the squares from scraps of cloth.

Jo sewed them all the same

Into a bed-size rectangle.

We stretched it on a frame.

Next came the fluffy batting

Like layered cotton snow.

On top of that, green gingham check

To make the back, you know.

I chose white yarn to tie it,

Five knots in every square.

Then folding each edge over,

We sewed it up with care.

It’s fun to see a square of plaid

That used to be Dad’s shirt,

Between my old pajamas and

A piece of Mom’s striped skirt.

My quilt now keeps me snuggly warm;

With it I’ll never freeze,

Because the stitches were sewn up

With love and memories.

Illustrated by Pat Hoggan