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November 1979

My Quilt By Nancy Lee Sasser
The Not-So-Pitiful Thanksgiving By Alice Stratton
Friend to Friend From a personal interview by Joleen Meredith with children and grandchildren of a .
Naps Are for Big Girls Too! By Maxine F. Dennis
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Frontiers of Science:

Frontiers of Science: It’s a New Moon! Or Is It?
By Dr. Sherwood B. Idso
Kitchen Krafts
St. Leonhardi’s Day By Joyce Chalmers Perry
0 By Roberta L. Fairall


Indian Corn Beads
By Solveig Paulson Russell
The Trade By Claudia Remington
The Shimmering Stones By Mary Joyce Capps
Thank You, Heavenly Father By Mabel Jones Gabbott
Thanksgiving Song Words and music by Rock E. Oakeson
Whose Shoes? By Roberta L. Fairall