Bird-Feeder Snowman

The next time you make a snowman, decorate it for the birds. Dates can be used for eyes, a pine cone stuffed with peanut butter for the nose, and raisins for the mouth. Cut up apples for buttons and string cranberries for a belt. Fill the brim of a hat with birdseed and sunflower seeds. Make arms from small branches for the birds to perch on, and place a bucketful of water nearby for them to drink.

Snow Creatures

After a snowstorm go outside and make a snow creature. You can pile up mounds of snow and pack them into shapes, roll big balls of snow, or mold snow in large containers. Don’t forget to give your creation horns, teeth, or claws.

Big Foot

For monstrous tracks in the snow, cut giant footprints out of heavy cardboard. Center your boot on footprint and make a hole in cardboard on each side of boot. Thread heavy string through holes and tie footprints to boots. Now you’re ready to make tracks!

Illustrated by Shauna Mooney