Asunción, the capital city and chief port, is located on the Paraguay River.

Settled by Guaraní Indians, it is the only American country where both Guaraní and Spanish are spoken. Most people live in one-room thatched huts, raising food just for their own families.

A small landlocked republic in South America bordered by Bolivia on the north, Brazil on the east, and Argentina on the south and west.

Spiderweb lace (ñandutí) is made on stretched cotton cloth; then the cloth is cut away.

Native animals are the jaguar, large wild boar, water hog, deer, armadillo, and anteater. Home of many tropical birds—ibis, heron, toucan, black duck, dove, partridge, parakeet, and parrot.

An oil used in producing perfumes and marmalade is found in the leaves of the bitter orange tree.

Supplies the world’s chief source of querbracho, a hardwood tree used to make tannin for tanning leather.

Missionary work began officially in Asunción in 1949. Elders from the Uruguayan Mission were sent to preach the gospel in Paraguay, where their work was very slow at first. Then in 1964 the first chapel there was dedicated. Today the Church population in Paraguay is around 2200.

Illustrated by Doug Roy