Sweet Valentines

Cut out paper hearts and let your imagination run wild with these suggestions.

Be my valentine. Don’t burst my bubble of happiness!

I “mint” to ask if you’d be mine!

This may be “corny” but be my Valentine!

i’m nuts about you. Be mine.

I’m no sucker! I want you for my valentine!

“Cane” you find it in your heart to be my VALENTINE?

Please “CHEWS” me for your VALENTINE.

You’re a real LIFE SAVER!! Please be mine.


To make a round or heart-shaped valentine you will need: scissors, fabric and felt scraps, stuffing, felt-tip pen, glue, glitter, needle and thread.

Cut two circles or heart shapes out of fabric. Sew with right sides together, allowing 1/4″ seam and leaving 2″ opening. Now turn inside out. Fill with stuffing and sew up opening. Use felt scraps, glitter, or felt-tip pens to decorate valentine or to write a message.

Paper Doll Valentine

Accordian pleat 4″ x 11″ piece of paper into 1″ folds. Lightly sketch half of paper doll, being sure that the center is on a fold and that the hands come right out to the end of paper. Cut out. Try other shapes, such as a heart. Print message on cutout valentine.

Carrier’s Pouch

To make a carrier’s pouch to distribute or store your valentines, you will need: large brown paper sack, scissors, felt-tip pen, fiber tape, and heavy string. Measure 7″ down from top of sack and cut straight across, leaving only one large side uncut. Cut a rounded flap from remaining side and fold down over sack (see illustration). Decorate on outside of pouch with broken lines to look like stitching. Print your name, make a hole on each side of flap (on top), reinforce with tape, and attach string for strap.

Paper Heart Animals

Cut different size hearts from construction paper. Look at the examples given and make your own animal valentines. Use pipe cleaners and paper for features such as eyes, tails, and whiskers.

Illustrated by Dwane Cude