Blowing Bubbles

Bubble Blowers

Bend one end of a wire into a loop.

Slit the end of a straw.

For a super minibubble blower, tape seven straws together.

Bubble Solution

2 cups clean warm water

6 tablespoons glycerine (from a drugstore)

6 tablespoons liquid dishwashing detergent

dash of sugar

Mix ingredients in clean bowl, then beat mixture with eggbeater or wire wisk.

Go outside and dip your bubble blower into the bubble mixture. Watch the bubbles float. Play float and catch by yourself or with a friend.

Animal Sounds

See if you can match each animal breed with the sound it makes from among those listed in the second column.

1. Jersey

a. quack

2. Collie

b. grunt

3. Persian

c. neigh

4. Leghorn

d. bawl

5. Mallard

e. cluck

6. Arabian

f. bark

7. Merino

g. meow

8. Poland China

h. bleat


(1) d, (2) f, (3) g, (4) e, (5) a, (6) c, (7) h, (8) b.