Doll Duster

You will need: scissors, yarn, scraps of felt and fabric, heavy craft glue, 1/2″ wooden dowel.

Doll Duster

Illustrated by Julie F. Young

  1. Make a bundle of at least one hundred 20″ lengths of yarn. Tie in center, then fold and tie again for neck.

  2. Make a bundle of at least sixty 6″ lengths of yarn. Tie at both ends, forming arms and hands.

  3. Slip arms through body and tie at waist. Insert dowel in top of head and glue in place.

  4. Glue on a circle of felt for face and add felt facial features.

  5. Make a small bundle of yarn (for ease in handling, make longer than you will need and then trim after gluing), tie in center, and glue to head for hair. Form bun by wrapping yarn around dowel. Add yarn loop at top of dowel for hanging.

  6. Sew a little fabric apron and tie on.

Rope Mats

These instructions are for an 8″ round mat, but you can make the mat any size you wish.

You will need: 3 yards 1/3″ diameter sisal or hemp rope (three-ply or braided), 10″ square cardboard, compass, pencil, general purpose glue, and heavy pins.

Rope Mats

Illustrated by Julie F. Young

  1. Draw 8″ circle on cardboard and mark its center.

  2. Glue and pin end of rope at center of cardboard. Then hold end of rope in place with left hand and rotate cardboard in counterclockwise direction.

    Smear on glue to hold first coil together and place a couple of pins through rope to coil center to hold it in place.

  3. Before starting second coil, smear line of glue around outside of coiled section. Lay down second coil, pressing firmly to glue. Hold with pins through first coil. This method of rotating center makes a firmer coil than if you try to wind rope around center.

  4. Apply glue to edge of second coil, set with pins, and begin next coil. Continue in this way until mat is required size. Cut off excess rope at an angle and leave until adhesive dries.