Feathered Gift

A small box, can, or egg-shaped piece of Styrofoam can be decorated with feathers. All you will need are feathers, glue, scissors, and your imagination.

Greeting Card

You will need: variety of feathers, construction paper, pencil, scissors, felt-tip pens, and glue. Fold a piece of 5″ x 8″ construction paper in half. Then create your own design with feathers, or follow the illustration. Glue design to outside of card, and write a personal message inside.

Emergency Fire Pail

You will need: empty one-pound can with snap-on plastic lid, paper, felt-tip pen, scissors, glue, baking soda, 12″ length of wire, 3 empty thread spools, and string.

  1. Have an older person in your family punch a hole 1/4″ down from top on each side of can for handle.

  2. Cut paper to fit around can and label FIRE PAIL; then glue to can.

  3. Slip three spools on wire for handle. Hook wire ends through holes on can.

  4. Fill can with baking soda and place lid on can.

  5. Make a note that reads: “Keep me within reach at cookouts, in the garage, kitchen, or wherever a grease, oil, or electrical fire may occur.” Attach note to can with string.

Illustrated by Dwane Cude