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October 1980

Halloween Maze By Ann Stacey

Friend to Friend:

Friend to Friend: The Most Important Thing
By Elder F. Enzio Busche

Frontiers of Science:

Frontiers of Science: Living Magnets
By Dr. Sherwood B. Idso
The Phantom Dog By Laurie W. Thornton
A Matter of Worth By Jeanne W. Pittman
Cat Duet By Ethel Jacobson
Money Moon By Sylvia Cirone Deck
Autumn Samples By June Masters Bacher
Kitchen Krafts By Winnifred and Ann Jardine
Funstuf By Donna Lugg Pape
Puzzlin’ Pumpkin By Roberta L. Fairall
Captain Plastic and Potato Woman By Jack Weyland
Painting a Mormon Picture
Joseph Fielding Smith 1876–1972
A Windy Day By Marilyn Cram Donahue
Within These Walls
A Place of Our Own By Joy N. Hulme