Building a Ship

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    Adapted from Book of Mormon Stories for Beginning Readers (PBIC0325)

    1 God told Nephi to build a ship that would carry the people to the promised land. (1 Ne. 17:8.)

    2 Nephi didn’t have tools to build a ship, so the Lord told him where to find ore to make tools. (1 Ne. 17:9–11.)

    3 Nephi’s brothers, Laman and Lemuel, did not want to help, nor did they believe the Lord had told Nephi to build a ship. (1 Ne. 17:17–19.)

    4 Nephi told his brothers that they should repent, obey God, and follow His commandments. (1 Ne. 17:49.)

    5 Laman and Lemuel were angry and wanted to throw Nephi into the sea. But he warned them not to touch him or they would wither. (1 Ne. 17:48.)

    6 The power of the Lord was with Nephi. Many days later, He told Nephi to hold out his hand toward Laman and Lemuel, and the Lord would shock them to demonstrate His power. (1 Ne. 17:52–53.)

    7 True to His word, when Nephi held out his hand toward Laman and Lemuel, they were shaken. (1 Ne. 17:54.)

    8 Now Laman and Lemuel knew for sure that the Lord was with their brother. Nephi urged them to obey the Lord and their parents. (1 Ne. 17:55.)

    9 Laman and Lemuel did repent and helped Nephi work on the ship. (1 Ne. 18:1.)

    10 Many times Nephi asked for help, and the Lord showed unto him “great things.” (1 Ne. 18:1–3.)

    11 When the ship was finished, it was a good ship. The people were grateful and humbled themselves before the Lord. (1 Ne. 18:4.)