Crossing the Sea

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    Adapted from Book of Mormon Stories for Beginning Readers (PBIC0325)

    1 God told Lehi to prepare to leave for the promised land, and the family helped load the ship. (1 Ne. 18:5, 8.)

    2 For many days the wind blew the ship toward the promised land. (1 Ne. 18:9.)

    3 Soon Laman and Lemuel and Ishmael’s sons and their wives became rude and made trouble. Nephi cautioned them to obey God. (1 Ne. 18:9, 10.)

    4 Laman and Lemuel were angry and did not want to listen to their younger brother. They bound Nephi with ropes. (1 Ne. 18:10, 11.)

    5 Because Laman and Lemuel were wicked, the Liahona (compass) stopped working. No one knew which way to go. (1 Ne. 18:12, 13.)

    6 Lehi asked Laman and Lemuel to untie Nephi, but they refused. Lehi and Sariah were very sad and became ill. (1 Ne. 18:17.)

    7 Nephi’s wife and children cried. They begged Laman and Lemuel to let Nephi go. But Laman and Lemuel would not listen. (1 Ne. 18:19.)

    8 A storm blew the ship backward for three days. Everyone was frightened. (1 Ne. 18:13.)

    9 On the fourth day the storm increased and the ship almost sank. Laman and Lemuel were afraid they would drown. (1 Ne. 18:14, 15.)

    10 They knew God was angry, so finally they untied Nephi. (1 Ne. 18:20.)

    11 Nephi picked up the Liahona and it worked again. Nephi prayed that the storm would cease and it did. Then they all traveled safely to the promised land. (1 Ne. 18:21–23.)