New Home in the Promised Land

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    Adapted from Book of Mormon Stories for Beginning Readers (PBIC0325)

    1 God told Nephi to write the history of his people. Nephi recorded the happenings on gold plates that he made. (1 Ne. 19:1.)

    2 He wrote about his people, their genealogy, the wars, and “the ministry and the prophecies.” (1 Ne. 19:1–4.)

    3 Lehi gave his family a final blessing before he died. He told them many great truths and counseled them to love God always. (2 Ne. 2; 2 Ne. 3; 2 Ne. 4:1–12.)

    4 Laman and Lemuel continued in their wickedness. They were jealous of Nephi and wanted to slay him. (2 Ne. 5:4.)

    5 God warned Nephi to go into the wilderness. He took with him his own family, his sisters, his brothers Sam, Jacob, and Joseph and their families, Zoram, and some others. (2 Ne. 5:5–6.)

    6 These followers were called Nephites. They worked hard raising crops and animals. They loved God and built a temple. (2 Ne. 5:9–11, 16; Jacob 1:14.)

    7 Laman and Lemuel and their followers were called Lamanites. They were wicked and did little work. God made their skin dark. (2 Ne. 5:21, 24; Jacob 1:14.)

    8 Before Nephi died, he gave the plates to his righteous brother Jacob. (Jacob 1.)

    9 Some Nephites forgot Nephi’s teachings, and they became wicked. Jacob taught them the gospel and urged them to repent. (Jacob 1:15–19.)

    10 God helped Jacob to know what to write upon the gold plates. (Jacob 1; Jacob 7:26–27.)

    11 Jacob was a great prophet and teacher, who taught his son, Enos, to obey God. Before he died, Jacob gave the recorded plates to Enos. (Jacob 7.)