You can make your own roller-box TV out of a small empty gelatin carton. Cut a 2″ x 2 1/2″ window in one side of box (see illustration). Lay box (window side up) on a 10″ square of aluminum foil, fold foil around box to fit snugly, and tuck it inside window. Make two snug-fitting holes in each side of box as shown. Insert two short pencils or 4″ long dowels through holes.

Cut the “Manners” poem vertically into three columns. Align top of #5 to bottom of #4 and tape together. Then align top of #9 with bottom of #8 and tape together. Tape bottom of #12 to bottom dowel. Wind long strip into box, then tape top of #1 to top dowel. Now you are ready to show your program at family home evening. Make up your own story about your family or friends.

Sharing Time Ideas

Make copy of poem page for each child. Ask the children to bring an empty gelatin box. Allow one or two sharing times for discussion of poem and preparation of roller box.

Invite the children to make another page showing appropriate actions at Primary and sacrament meeting. Suggest that they use roller boxes for a family home evening activity.

Roller box TV
Roller box TV

Illustrated by Julie F. Young


By Mabel Jones Gabbott


Illustrated by Julie F. Young

1 When you don’t know

if you are right,

If what you’re doing

is polite,

2 Ask yourself,

“How would it be

If everyone did

just like me?”

3 If everyone

jumped up and down

With a face screwed

into a frown,

4 If everyone

would bang and jar

As noisy as

a dinosaur,

5 If everyone

reached at the table

Just as far as

He was able,

6 If everyone

shoved everyone

In line, in play,

or just in fun,

7 If everyone

would proclaim,

“My turn first”

in every game,

8 How would it be?

I dread to see.


9 If everyone

did just like you

And you did what

you ought to do—

10 Ask at the table,

Wait in line,

11 And close the door,

With no more tantrums

on the floor,

12 Then everyone

would be polite,

And you would know

that you are right!