I wonder how the spider spins
Its web so lacy small.
And what makes the setting sun
A reddish fireball?
I wonder where the cloud puffs go
When the soft wind blows through.
And how do tinsel stars hang on
In a midnight sky, dark blue?
Tell me how daffodils peek out,
To grow up straight and tall.
How does the small forget-me-not
Unfold its face so small?
And how do trees know winter means
They will no longer grow,
And that their dried and crinkled leaves
Will hide beneath the snow?
Who tells spring robin when to sing
A song from his tree seat?
And how do bees know that nectar
Makes their honey sticky sweet?
I love to wonder about things,
Then look up in the sky
And thank the Lord that there’s a place
For someone small as I.

[illustrations] Illustrated by Doug Roy