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March 1982

Ben and Sabrina Thomas Jewkes
From the Top of the Tree Betty Lou Mell
I See You Barbara A. McKee
Friend to Friend Joleen Meredith
Billy Balloon Mary Stokes
Night of the Wolves Charlotte H. Petersen
Kitchen Krafts Winnifred and Ann Jardine
Frontiers of Science: Backyard Ocean Finally Full of Fins! Sherwood B. Idso
Get Well Soon, President Kimball!
Funstuf By O. J. Robertson
Abinadi and King Noah
A Share for the Honey Bird Kay L. Harvey
Wind Jean MaDonna
The Robber Wind Kristine A. Daines
A Prize Well Earned Debbi Gutierrez
Seek and Find Elizabeth C. Adamson
The Begging Fish Barbara Kosinsky
Make Your Own Brontosaurus
The Lost Grave Mary Joyce Capps
Sharing Time: Make a String Picture Pat Graham and Betty Easton
I Found a Fossil! Penny Holland
The Prophet Said to Plant a Garden Mary Jane Davis
I Wonder Debra Crevelli