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Mar. 1982

Ben and SabrinaThomas Jewkes 
From the Top of the TreeBetty Lou Mell 


I See You
Barbara A. McKee 
Friend to FriendJoleen Meredith 
Billy BalloonMary Stokes 
Night of the WolvesCharlotte H. Petersen 
Kitchen KraftsWinnifred and Ann Jardine 

Frontiers of Science:

Frontiers of Science: Backyard Ocean Finally Full of Fins!
Sherwood B. Idso 
Get Well Soon, President Kimball! 


River Capitals
O. J. Robertson 


The President Speaks
Janet Peterson 


Follow the Path
Roberta L. Fairall 


Forward and Backward
Ruth Schiefen 
Abinadi and King Noah 
A Share for the Honey BirdKay L. Harvey 
WindJean MaDonna 
The Robber WindKristine A. Daines 
A Prize Well EarnedDebbi Gutierrez 
Seek and FindElizabeth C. Adamson 
The Begging FishBarbara Kosinsky 
Make Your Own Brontosaurus 
The Lost GraveMary Joyce Capps 

Sharing Time:

Sharing Time: Make a String Picture
Pat Graham and Betty Easton 
I Found a Fossil!Penny Holland 
The Prophet Said to Plant a GardenMary Jane Davis 
I WonderDebra Crevelli