Let Us Pray

I love Jesus and Jesus loves

me. I want to be with Him

every day, so let us pray.

Repent and say, “I want to be

with Him someday.”

Tina Stephenson, age 10,
Cleveland, Tennessee

He Needed Love

“I love you,” Mary said on that joyous day,

When in her arms Jesus lay.

He looked so small, as small as moss.

He needed love to die on the cross.

He died for us and only for us,

And did it all without a fuss.

Sarah Hogan, age 9,
Rome, New York

Christ’s Gift

I cannot believe that Christ

Would be crucified for me,

Upon the wooden cross

On the hill of Calvary.

He taught and healed and prayed.

And Pilate made a fuss.

Then the greatest thing Christ did

Was to be crucified for us.

Heather Linebarger, age 10,
San Jose, California


Jesus is our beloved Savior.

He helps us and guides us in

every way. I hope I will live

with Him someday.

Christian LaBarbera, age 9,
Dallas, Texas

Jesus Is Love

His Father let Him die for us.

Jesus died for us and did

many other things. He has a

power like God. But best of all

He loves us.

Anna Graff, age 9,
Sandy, Utah

So We Might Live

Jesus rose on Easter Day

To live in Heavenly Father’s way.

So when you think of Easter,

Think not of eggs, rabbits, and kin.

Let us think of Christ the Savior,

Who died so we might live again.

Marjorie Backus, age 11,
Moses Lake, Washington