King Limhi and His People Escape

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    Adapted from Book of Mormon Stories for Beginning Readers (PBIC0325)

    1 Many of King Noah’s people were captured by the Lamanites and taken back to the land of Nephi. (Mosiah 19:15.)

    2 The Lamanites gave the Nephites land on condition that they give them one half of all they possessed. They made slaves of the Nephites, who paid tribute to the king of the Lamanites every year. (Mosiah 19:15.)

    3 Limhi, King Noah’s son, became the new king, but unlike his father, he was a good man. (Mosiah 19:16, 17, 26.)

    4 Ammon came from the land of Zarahemla and found Limhi and his people. (Mosiah 7:1, 6–9.)

    5 Limhi told Ammon that because of their iniquities, the Nephites were captured by the Lamanites and had to pay heavy taxes. (Mosiah 7:15, 24.)

    6 Limhi asked his people to come to the temple. He promised them that “if ye will turn to the Lord with full purpose of heart, and put your trust in him, and serve him, … he will, … deliver you out of bondage.” (Mosiah 7:17, 33.)

    7 Limhi said the prophet Abinadi had told them to repent. But they did not, and were now in bondage. (Mosiah 7:25–32.)

    8 The Nephites repented of their sins and promised to obey God’s commandments. (Mosiah 21:32.)

    9 Ammon and King Limhi consulted the people about escaping. Gideon proposed that they give wine to the Lamanite soldiers guarding the back pass. (Mosiah 22:1–10.)

    10 When the Lamanites were drunk, King Limhi gathered his people together with their flocks, herds, and other possessions and they escaped to Zarahemla. (Mosiah 22:10–13.)

    11 After many days of traveling in the wilderness, they arrived in Zarahemla, where the people were happy to greet them. (Mosiah 22:13–14.)